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All in the family.


Whether you're a history nut, have a soft spot for nostalgia, or simply appreciate service with a personal touch — Duquette General Store is a must stop along Highway 23 in Northern Minnesota.

When you step into Duquette's, you step back in time. To a time when visiting the general store was the best part of the day for railroad workers stopping for a warm meal in the 1920s and '30s and for local children who were able to meet up with friends, and, if they were lucky, leave with a candy bar.

EST. 1905

Originally opened by the Anderson-Erickson Corporation in 1905, the general store was started for the purpose of carrying on a general merchandise business. From dynamite to animal feed, they had it all. But the root of their success stemmed from their commitment to the customer — offering products and a personalized touch to meet each of their needs.

Today, current owner, Andy Gunderson, and his team — which includes many family members — carry on the same commitment to personalized service that has helped the store thrive for more than 110 years.


To learn more about our story, we suggest you stop in. We'll tell you anything you would like to know. And, after all, the best way to learn about something is to experience it for yourself!